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I am a firm believer that your home should not only reflect your personality–it should make you smile every day you’re in it, too. Since I currently don’t own a home I can renovate, that means stocking my shelves and styling my counters with all of the little things that bring elements of me to the space. And despite what gorgeous Instagram imagery may lead you to believe, affordable home décor really can be just as chic.

I always feel most proud when someone mentions that they love my shoes and I can say, “Thanks, they’re from Target!” The same goes for home décor.

Last month, we sourced chic décor under $100 from our tried and true home destinations: Target, West Elm, H&M Home, Zara Home, Urban Outfitters, and CB2. This month, I’ve been on a mission to get that Pinterest-worthy look with the smallest budget possible… under $20 to be exact. At first, it seemed impossible, but our favorite online home stores re-instilled my faith that it would not only be possible, but worth it. Seriously, I will never buy a vase for more than $20 after finding these gems.


Hearth & Hand™ With Magnolia Decorative Wooden Cookbook Holder

We’re firm believers that cookbooks should double as art and this easel makes it happen with its functional and beautiful look for your kitchen. Not only does it hold your book open to the recipe you’re cooking, but it looks great to keep open all day long.

Hearth & Hand™ With Magnolia Half Circle Braided Coir Doormat

This half-circle doormat is perfect for your front-door first impressions. It keeps the dirt and mud from tracking into your home and looks good while doing it.

Project 62™ 5″x7″ Natural Frame With Stand

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but it’s nothing without a good frame. The natural wood on this frame makes it perfect for all settings, including your dad’s office (contender for a Father’s Day gift?).

Threshold™ Decorative Cane Pattern Open Weave Basket

The possibilities are endless with this natural woven basket. Roll up your blankets and use them as storage in the living room. Add a faux plant to get a basket-planter look. Set it underneath a side table for extra magazine/book storage. You name it, this basket can do it.

Project 62™ 8″x5″ Artificial Snake Plant in Pot

Speaking of faux plants, we love this tabletop snake plant in its chic white pot. I’m all for bringing elements of nature into my home, but I seriously lack a green thumb… the only kind of plant mom I’ll be anytime soon is a faux one.

West Elm

West Elm Colored Glass Bud Vases (Set of 3) in Blush

They say that three’s a crowd, but these blush glass bud vases are definitely an exception. These stylish vases make even the tiniest of flowers look chic and are gorgeous when used down the center of a table setting.

West Elm Metal Loop Object

We’re calling it: abstract is the new black. Case in point: this decorative metal sculpture. This is the affordable home décor you’ve been looking for to finally fill in that awkwardly empty space in your bookshelves.

West Elm Hand Carved Hanging Wooden Vase

When I finally have a back porch that is worthy of gatherings, these hanging wooden vases will be there—you have my word. I love that they bring in some greenery without taking up valuable floor space. Not to mention they quite literally elevate your potting game.

West Elm Marble Coaster, Gold

When my parents moved into their most recent home, my mom chose the most gorgeous white marble countertops that came with a strict “no stains allowed” speech. One dinner, a red wine bottle, and a ring stain later, I’m making sure she is fully stocked with wine coasters. Shouldn’t be a problem when they are as chic and affordable as this one.

West Elm Branch Glass + Mug Tree, White

This adorably chic mug tree might just make mornings fun. A perfect addition to your at-home coffee bar, it’s great storage and great décor all rolled into one.

H&M Home

H&M Home Striped Seat Cushion

Affordable home décor is nothing if it isn’t comfortable, and comfort is key when it comes to seated dinners. This chic nude cushion will go with every place setting, work both inside and outside, and keep all your guests happy.

H&M Home Metal Table Mirror

This gold mirror works perfectly in any room of the house: in the bathroom for getting ready, on your desk for pre-zoom meeting touch-ups, or on a shelf on your way out the door. Super light and easy to move, try it out everywhere until it finds its perfect home.

H&M Glass/Rattan Tea Light Holder

My mom raised me to believe that no dinner is complete without tea light candles on the table, which is why these chic under $20 tea light holders are a must when she comes to visit. The rattan bottom also makes these perfect for outdoor tablescapes.

H&M Home Small Plant Pot

I love a good pop of color, and this small plant pot is the perfect shade of blue. It brings out the darker tones in my house, while still feeling neutral enough.

H&M Home Small Metal Tray

Catchall trays are a necessity for my busy schedule. I love keeping trays like this on my bedside table for taking off my rings at night and by my front door for my keys and wallet. This small gold tray would also look so chic on a coffee table with some glass beads inside.

Zara Home

Zara Home Candle Base

Introducing the chic candle base of my dreams. Not only does it keep dripping wax from getting on your counter/table, but it adds a level to your décor. I’m dying to create a gorgeous table setting filled with this base and candles on different levels and of different heights.

Zara Home Round Basket

You can never have enough baskets. This natural, woven basket would be perfect in the kitchen holding fresh produce or even in the bathroom holding pretty soaps and bath bombs. The only tough question this basket asks is how to choose what you’ll do with it.

Zara Home Matte Spiral-Design Candle

Remember that candle-filled tablescape I was just talking about? This candle would be the star of it. You might think that a candle is a candle, but the spiral design on this one from Zara Home is perfectly unique—I need 10.

Zara Home Small Glass Vase

The size of this vase is perfectly proportional to the number of live flowers I can handle at a time. My childhood home doesn’t have a garden of any sort, but when I come home to visit my mom always picks one small flower from the yard and puts it in a vase like this for my bathroom. It’s tiny but mighty in that this kind of affordable home décor brings so much life to the space.

Zara Home Oval Marble Door Knob (Pack of 2)

These marble doorknobs are the facelift that your drawers and cabinets need. When you’re wanting to freshen up your space, start with something that you see/use every day for an immediate and noticeable difference (at a very affordable price). Opening my kitchen cabinets and bathroom drawers with knobs like this would definitely make the mundane feel chic.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters Octagon Curio Box

Even if this curio box sits empty, it’ll do wonders for your space. I’m big on wearing lots of dainty jewelry, so for me, this box is an organizational life-saver for my bathroom counter. However, I think it would look equally as chic on your living room coffee table or on your bookshelves.

Urban Outfitters Mango Wood Cross Hatch Wine Rack

When functional meets stylish, I can’t resist. Just like cookbooks, beautiful wine bottles are like art and shouldn’t always be hidden away in a fridge. Set upon a bar cart or your counter and voila, your wine bar is complete.

Urban Outfitters Dried Pampas Grass Bunch

Camille has dried pampas grass in her home, and I love how it adds the same effects as flowers and greenery, but holds true to her neutral color palette. I had also never seen pampas grass before Camille, which makes it feel like a chic and unique addition to my own home.

Urban Outfitters Taylor Wall Shelf – Small

In all of my cozy and tiny college living spaces, the one thing I always needed more of was storage. I wish I had found these hanging shelves earlier, as they add so much functionality and style to whatever room they hang in. I’ll be hanging these over my desk for additional surface area.

Urban Outfitters Roxy Watering Can

I never imagined myself referring to a watering can as cute, but here I am. This mini gold watering can from Urban Outfitters is perfect for giving your indoor plants little sips of water throughout the day. I’ve already exposed myself for not keeping many live plants, but I think this mini watering can is an adorable option for creamer or milk on a coffee bar at brunch, as well.


CB2 Acrylic Baby Easel

This baby easel from CB2 makes picture frames look basic. I love propping photos up on easels as I can put up 10 prints and swap them out each day to freshen up the look. Why settle on one photo when you can have a new one each day?

CB2 Celia White Vase 

Any flower arrangement would shine in this unique white vase. Even kept empty it would pop in bookshelves. When it comes to affordable home décor, sometimes the eye-catching pieces that you wouldn’t normally buy do more for your space than any expensive classic piece ever could.

CB2 Terracotta Grey Incense Burner

Whether you burn incense or not, this incense burner is a gorgeous decorative accent. I love the grey terracotta and the three legs supporting it.

CB2 Polyterrazzo Oil Lamp

If you’re tired of basic candles, try out an oil lamp for a different look. Same functionality, new style. This poly terrazzo lamp also has a great weight to it, making it perfect for windy evenings.

CB2 Birch Branch 48″

Talk about chic and affordable home décor. Who would have thought that leaning sticks in a corner or placing them in a tall pot would be so stylish? I love the idea of these birch branches in a beach or a lake house bringing the outdoors in.

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